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2023 Vol. 41, No. 9

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2023, 41(9): 1-1.
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2023, 41(9): 1-4.
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Research progress on ribosomal proteins and their functions in diseases
ZHONG Fangfang, JIANG Haiyan, ZHANG Junping
2023, 41(9): 519-523, 556. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202212006
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Ribosomal proteins (RP) are important components of ribosomes and play key roles in ribosome biogenesis and protein translation. In addition, ribosomal proteins also possess many extra-ribosomal functions, such as regulation of gene expression, cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, DNA repair, and many other cellular processes. The dysfunction of RP is closely related to the occurrence and development of various diseases including blood, metabolism, cardiovascular diseases and tumors, and RP might become potential therapeutic targets for a variety of diseases. The research progress on RP, including the basic functions of RP, extra-ribosomal properties, and the connections with human diseases were reviewed and their potential as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in diseases were discussed in this paper.
Basic research on toxin of Solenopsis invicta
LI Anpeng, CHEN Shuai, SONG Jia, LIANG Lunhai, ZOU Jihua, ZOU Yan, ZHAO Qingjie
2023, 41(9): 524-527. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202204119
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Solenopsis invicta is a kind of invasive pest that causes serious damage to local agriculture, environment, and human health. They attack mainly with venom within stingers. Those who are allergic to the venom would suffer a systemic anaphylaxis, even fatal shock, after being stinged by these ants. Many studies reveal that their venom is mainly composed by water, insoluble alkaloids and trace proteins, within which alkaloids are the main cause of burning sensation and blisters, while allergic reactions are caused by proteins or peptides. The research progress of toxic substances in the venom of Solenopsis invicta as well as the roles and functions of each component were reviewed in this paper.
Research Progress on use of Common Packaging Forms of Injections
WANG Min, ZHOU Suping, ZHANG Shuai, WANG Boyang, CHU Cang
2023, 41(9): 528-533, 571. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202204103
Abstract(2370) HTML (729) PDF (1237KB)(40)
  Objective  To provide theoretical reference and practical basis for accurately choosing the suitable packaging forms for different Injections.   Methods  Based on the raw materials in the common packaging forms of injections, the research and application progress on different packaging forms for injections were reviewed by analyzing the characteristics and technical requirements of different packaging forms, and the current registration information of pharmaceutical packaging materials in the Center for Drug Evaluation, NMPA were introduced.   Results  For preparations with small single-dose and low-cost, the ampoules or injection vials could be chosen. Powder injections are usually packaged in injection vials. For rescue medicines and valuable medicines, the pre-filled syringes could be chosen. For chronic disease treatment drugs (such as insulin) that require long-term injection, or some injections for emergency use, a pen-type syringe package that patients can inject themselves could be used. Neutral glass packaging or plastic packaging should be used for some acidic or alkaline.   Conclusion  The drug manufacturers should comprehensively consider the physicochemical properties of drugs, the performance of packaging raw materials, compatibility test results, price-cost, and convenience in carrying and use when choosing the appropriate packaging form to ensure the quality, safety, and effectivity of drugs.
Research Progress on Linear Ubiquitin Chain Assembly Complex and OTU Deubiquitinase With Linear Linkage Specificity in Tumor
FANG Yuxin, LI Yu, LIU Baoshu, DONG Guoqiang
2023, 41(9): 534-539. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202307045
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Linear ubiquitination is an important post-translational modification that has been discovered in recent years. The linear ubiquitin chain is formed by the linkage of glycine residue of one ubiquitin protein to the methionine residue of another ubiquitin. This process is regulated by the linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) and the OTU deubiquitinase with linear linkage specificity (OTULIN). Linear ubiquitination is involved in various biological processes, including immune response, inflammation, and cell apoptosis. Recent studies have shown that linear ubiquitination is closely related to the occurrence, development, and drug resistance of tumors by affecting signaling pathways such as NF-κB and Wnt/β-catenin. The research progress on the function of LUBAC and OTULIN in tumors was reviewed in this paper.
Study on chemical constituents of Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach
QIAO Fangliang, XIA Tianshuang, ZHANG Chengzhong, JIANG Yiping, XIN Hailiang
2023, 41(9): 540-543, 560. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202212032
Abstract(2939) HTML (477) PDF (1437KB)(20)
  Objective   To study the chemical constituents of Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach.   Methods   After extracted with ethanol, Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach was isolated and purified by silica gel column chromatography, Sephadex LH-20 gel column chromatography, and reversed-phase C18 column chromatography. The structures of compounds were identified by physical and chemical properties, spectral data and literature comparison.   Results   Eight compounds were isolated from Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach and identified as L-phenylalanine (1), alanine (2), inosine (3), cholesterol (4), N-acetyltyramine (5), uracil (6), D-mannitol (7), tetrodoine (8), respectively.   Conclusion   Compounds 5, 7, 8 are isolated from Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach for the first time.
Preliminary pre-prescription study of Tetrodotoxin
XU Jiren, ZHENG Ziyun, LI Yuan, LU Ying, CHU Zhiyong
2023, 41(9): 544-546, 551. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202304024
Abstract(3276) HTML (388) PDF (1468KB)(17)
  Objective   To investigate the solubility and stability of Tetrodotoxin (TTX) in different solvents, and the effect of temperature and pH on its stability.   Method   Solutions of TTX in different matrices were prepared. Their concentrations at different temperatures and pH buffers were determined by high performance liquid chromatography and their solubility and stability were analyzed and calculated.   Result  TTX was most soluble at pH 3.5 and its solubility decreased as the pH increased. TTX degraded most rapidly under strong alkali conditions, with complete degradation after 20 min of reaction at 0.1 mol/L sodium hydroxide and 70 ℃. The stability test results similarly demonstrated that TTX was least stable under alkaline conditions. In a PBS buffered solution at 37 ℃, pH 7.4, TTX concentration began to decrease consistently at 1~10h, with a degradation rate of 88.07±0.27% after 28 days.   Conclusion   TTX is readily soluble in acidic aqueous solutions at pH 3.5 and almost insoluble in alkaline aqueous solutions. Its stability is closely related to the temperature and pH of the medium. It is more stable in acidic aqueous solutions and easily degrades under alkaline conditions, and its degradation process could be accelerated by increasing temperature.
Determination of multi-index components and quality evaluation of Dilong Formula Granules
LI Lei, ZHANG Chengzhong, ZHANG Hanming, BU Qitao, ZHANG Lei
2023, 41(9): 547-551. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202209086
Abstract(3174) HTML (581) PDF (1061KB)(28)
  Objective  To establish the method for the simultaneous determination of hypoxanthine, inosine, guanosine and adenosine in Dilong formula granules by HPLC and compare the fingerprints of Dilong formula granules from different manufacturers by HPLC chromatogram.   Methods  The contents of hypoxanthine, inosine, guanosine and adenosine were determined by Thermo AcclaimTM120C18 column (4.6 mm×250 mm 5 μm). The mobile phase was acetonitrile-water. Gradient elution with flow rate of 0.6 ml/min was used. Column temperature was 25 ℃. Detection wavelength was 254 nm. 10 batches of samples were tested. The HPLC chromatogram were compared and analyzed by using the similarity Evaluation system of chromatographic fingerprint of traditional Chinese Medicine (version 2012.130723).   Results  The linear ranges for the detection of hypoxanthine, inosine, guanosine and adenosine showed good linear relationships within their own ranges (r≥0.999 9). The average recoveries were 99.20%~102.98% with RSD of 0.26 %~0.71%. The contents of 4 components in 10 batches of samples were 0.740 0~4.457 4 mg/g, 2.132 3~7.805 0 mg/g, 0.325 4~1.596 1 mg/g, 0.537 2~2.222 9 mg/g respectively. The similarity between HPLC chromatogram and control fingerprints of Dilong formula granules from different manufacturers was greater than 0.91.   Conclusion  The method could be used to determine the contents of hypoxanthine, inosine, guanosine and adenosine in Dilong formula granule. HPLC fingerprints could be used to evaluation the quality in Dilong formula granule. The similarity of HPLC fingerprints from different manufacturer production of Dilong formula granule is high, but 4 contents in composition are difference.
Determination of camphor residue and borneol content in Qingchang Suppository by GC
PAN Yujiong, HE Zhigao, ZHOU Xin, ZHANG Hengzhou, YANG Yuehong, HUANG Jingshan
2023, 41(9): 552-556. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202208110
Abstract(1868) HTML (490) PDF (1033KB)(11)
  Objective  To establish a gas chromatography for simultaneous determination of camphor residue and borneolum content in Qingchang Suppository.   Methods  Gas chromatograph method was used. The chromatographic column was Agilent capillary column(30 m×0.25 mm×0.25 µm). The column temperature was 140 ℃. The sample injection temperature was 250 ℃. The FID detector temperature was 250 ℃.   Results  Camphor, borneol and isoborneol content showed good linear in the extent of 0.0299~1.497(r=1.000), 0.0205~1.025(r=1.000), 0.0097~0.4830 µg (r=1.000). RSDs of precision, stability and repeatability test results were less than 2%. The recovery was 99.7%, 101.0%, 102.5%.   Conclusion  This method is simple and quick with accurate result, which could be used for the content determination of Borneol in Qingchang Suppository.
Efficacy and safety evaluation of dabigatran etexilate in the treatment of elderly non-valvular atrial fibrillation
LI Ting, SHI Kourong, LI Zhi, WANG Ziyu, CAO Ailin, QIAN Jiao
2023, 41(9): 557-560. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202207029
Abstract(1012) HTML (486) PDF (955KB)(10)
  Objective  To explore the efficacy and safety of dabigatran etexilate in the treatment of elderly patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF), so as to provide reference for clinical treatment and rational drug use.   Methods  Eighty elderly patients with NVAF in The Seventh People's Hospital of Shanghai from December 2020 to June 2021, aged 65 to 80 years, were enrolled in a self-controlled study. Dabigatran etexilate 110 mg was given orally, twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) for 6 months. During the follow-up visit, the coagulation function indexes including APTT, TT, FIB and D-D were observed in patients taking medicine for 1 month and 6 months. Liver function indexes including ALT, AST and TBIL, renal function indicators including UREA and eGFR, and blood routine indexes including HGB and ESR, also were observed in patients taking medicine for 1 month and 6 months.   Results  Patients were compared at 1 month and 6 months after treatment with dabigatran and before: the difference of coagulation function indexes as APTT and TT was statistically significant (P<0.05);There was no significant difference in liver function index, renal function index and blood routine index (P>0.05); A total of 25 adverse events occurred, and the incidence rate of adverse reactions was 31.25%, there was no adverse events such as serious hemorrhage, life threatening and organ failure hemorrhage occurred.  Conclusion  Dabigatran has good efficacy and safety in the treatment of the elderly NVAF.
Fluctuation analysis and prediction of intravenous medication dispensing workload based on time series analysis method
ZONG Liuliu, YANG Yunzhi, LAO Donghui, LI Xiaoyu, LV Qianzhou
2023, 41(9): 561-565. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202206012
Abstract(1034) HTML (398) PDF (2388KB)(12)
  Objective  To explore the fluctuation characteristics of long-term doctor's order workload in pharmacy intravenous admixture services (PIVAS) and build a daily workload fluctuation prediction model and provide reference for the adjustment of PIVAS work mode.   Methods  Daily workload data of long-term doctor’s orders from PIVAS in the East Campus of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University from July 2020 to June 2021 were selected , and the time series analysis method was used to analyze the workload fluctuation characteristics and a prediction model was established. The accuracy of the model was verified by fitting parameters and prediction results.   Results  The fluctuation of PIVAS long-term doctor's daily workload data had the characteristics of periodicity, short-term slow rise and irregular variation. The Winters multiplier model was used to fit the series with R2 = 0.777, the significance value of Ljung-Box statistic value (P value) was 0.060, and the mean absolute error percentage between the fitted and actual values was 4.45%, indicating that the model fitting accuracy was high. The average relative deviation between the predicted and actual results was 3.81%, indicating that the model prediction was effective.   Conclusion  The model constructed in this study could be used for the analysis and prediction of long-term doctor's orders workload of PIVAS. However, because the workload of doctor's orders has fluctuations such as periodicity and irregular changes, it is necessary to adjust the working model according to the fluctuation characteristics of the workload and the prediction results to ensure the efficient operation of PIVAS.
Practice and Effect of Construction of rational drug use Mode of PIVAS by the activities of quality control circle
LU Yun, WU Gao, FU Peng, FAN Yisheng, YANG Ting, LIU Shanshan
2023, 41(9): 566-571. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202209036
Abstract(1217) HTML (543) PDF (1482KB)(13)
  Objective  To establish a rational drug use model of PIVAS and promote the rational drug use in clinical practices by enhancing the quality of prescription review by pharmacists.   Methods  The PIVAS physician orders received from 2014 to 2021 were extracted through the hospital information management (HIS) system. The types of irrational physician orders were statistically analyzed, the improvements were made by the method of quality control circle (QCC).   Results  The model of PIVAS rational drug use formed a standardized process. The proficiency of physician order review was improved. From 2014 to 2021, the number and proportion of unreasonable physician orders in PIVAS decreased year by year. Every type of unreasonable physician orders was improved year by year.   Conclusion   The professional and technical levels of pharmacist for physician order review at our hospital were improved by the model of PIVAS rational drug use. The quality of pharmaceutical service was significantly improved which ensured the safety of patients' medication.
Analysis on the funding of pharmacy administration from National Natural Science Foundation in China from 2010 to 2021
FEI Yonghe, CUI Lijun, CHEN Jing
2023, 41(9): 572-575, 580. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202207064
Abstract(1233) HTML (460) PDF (1202KB)(19)
  Objective  To summarize the project and fund of Pharmacy Administration from the NSFC during 2010 to 2021 and to provide references for the funding application.   Methods  The data and relevant documents which related to the projects status of Pharmacy Administration on the website of NSFC were collected and analyzed by Excel.   Results  There were more paths which were suitable to the Pharmacy Administration in NSFC. The direction and measure were expanded. There were more interdisciplinary researchers involved in Pharmacy Administration projects, while the funded organizations and regional distribution were concentrated . Conclusion The funding situation, research hotspots and basic information of applicants in recent years were summarized through statistical data of NSFC from 2010 to 2021, which suggest that the advantage, regional characteristics, cross-discipline and the policies should be concerned by the applicants .
Effect of clinical pharmaceutical care on our outpatient service of Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacy
XIA Jin’e, ZHANG Xiayan, WANG Weiting, LE Yun
2023, 41(9): 576-580. doi: 10.12206/j.issn.2097-2024.202208013
Abstract(1091) HTML (489) PDF (1421KB)(14)
  Objective  To explore the role of clinical pharmaceutical care in outpatient service of traditional Chinese medicine.   Methods  Two hundred patients who were not taking medicines for the first time (had received routine medication explanations) and had made an appointment for the next outpatient TCM service were randomly selected for questionnaire survey during July to October, 2021. After the intervention of clinical pharmacy care, the questionnaire survey was conducted again, and the results of the questionnaire survey of patients before and after the clinical pharmacy care were compared.   Results  After clinical pharmacy intervention, the scores of eight questions in the questionnaire were significantly improved (except for the awareness of taking drugs, P values of the other seven items were all <0.05).   Conclusion  The development of TCM clinical pharmaceutical care could effectively improve patients' safety awareness of medication safety. The patients' awareness of the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and medication compliance had also been significantly improved. The awareness of pharmacists role in patients was enhanced. The outpatient pharmaceutical care of Traditional Chinese Medicine was effectively improved, which is important to rational drug use.